Pickers & Packers

Pickers & Packers are an important factor to a successful distribution operation.

Efficiency and time management skills make the procedure more effective and efficient.

Labourer Agency has a wide database of pickers & Packers that are experienced and flexible to working conditions.

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Relevant Experience

We make sure all our operatvies Must have minimum 1 - 2 years relevant Experience.

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24/7 Availability

Our Customer Service staff available online & on phone 24/7 to fill any urgent vacancy.

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Flexible & Reliable

All our temps are fully able to start on short noitce whenever require.

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In the warehouse, production efficiency requires pickers and packers to work in order. While working in warehouse Pickers take orders and take merchandise and goods from racks and shelves and packers pack, weigh and label them for delivery purpose. It’s a race against time to complete the whole process of taking the order to delivering within time. It requires team effort to locate, pick, track, weigh, pack and ship items effectively and efficiency. Labourer Agency can provide you with experienced and efficient Pickers and Packers

Picker & Packer

1. Pickers: Pickers gathered ordered items to transfer it for packing and shipping purpose. To select the right size, type, and colour from various racks and bins pickers must be observant and careful. Pickers must be careful enough to prevent any damage while carrying products to the packaging department. 2. Packers: They inspect, measure, weigh and label the orders and pack them for shipping purpose. Packers must be physically fit to handle large boxes and careful while packing orders. They must have strong spatial skills to pack orders in different sizes of boxes. Packaging should be in a way that it would not damage item during delivering it to customers. Qualities of Pickers & Packers With a wide array of database our Pickers and Packers have following essential qualities that will increase production efficiency in your warehouse:

1. Efficiency & Flexibility

Our warehouse operatives can work efficiently in a fast-paced environment. They are well aware of different picking and packing methods and styles with an interest in improving efficiency. Our workers are flexible to different working conditions and timings. They are able to complete both manual and computerized tasks.

2. Focused and Manual Dexterity

Our pickers pay close attention to details while tracking order and picking item from hundreds of shelves and packers are careful and focused to get the item packaged in an efficient manner. Pickers/packers have manual dexterity to weigh or lift heavy items.

3. Able to operate warehouse vehicles

Our Pickers/packers are able to operate vans, pick trucks, or forklifts to pull inventory.

4. Experience & Proper knowledge of procedure

Our Picker/packers have experience of working with different styles and in different zones. They have proper knowledge of packing procedures and standard operating procedures.


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