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    Refrigeration And Air-conditioning Installer Recruitment Agency

    Construction and Trading Industry is one of the outgrowing Industry of these days in the UK which gives the working opportunity to thousands of people and improving the job economy. It is one of the best areas to start searching for a job as it offers temporary and permanent job vacancies.
    Construction Industry includes the building of new structures, site preparation,  along with the additions and modifications to the currently existing ones. Construction and Trading is a worldwide industry providing economical and social benefits globally.  This industry inputs in the growth of the country by providing many job opportunities as well as developing the infrastructure of the country.  
    To let the companies grow, getting in contact with an agency can be a great help as they facilitate you with the hiring of all the employees and this way the company can actually, focus on the areas they are good at without getting worried about the hiring of new employees.

    Skilled Construction Workers Demand Is Increasing:

    It is always a very smart option to move to a line of the field where the demand is high. It can definitely result in a successful boost in your finances and surely a secure career. The construction industry is one of the fields where the demand is currently at an all-time high, so now is the time to get your foot in the door.
    In the UK skilled construction workers have been very high in demand but unfortunately, such workers have been short in number so many companies knocked the doors of the recruitment agency to help them hire the employees. Due to the lack of such workers, there have been initiatives from the government to promote more workers in the construction and trading industry providing them apprenticeships and training subsidies.
    As the demands for skilled construction workers have been increasing so many construction projects are offering short term temporary jobs as well. Usually, companies hire employees for long term projects but offering temporary jobs can also increase the number of employees. Thankfully there are recruitment agencies that are taking all the hiring responsibilities on their shoulders and saving the companies the headache by the end of the day.

    Construction And Trading Jobs With Health And Safety Requirements : 

    Health and Safety are one of the most important concerns for all the workers working in a construction and trading industry. To make sure about the well being of all the labourers working on a construction site there is a need for health and safety check to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.  Employers and employees all are bound to follow the health and safety check according to the act 1974 which mandates everyone to follow the practices and measures to improve safety.
    Labourers will particularly need to acquire the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) labourer's card. This qualification will enable all the labourers to start working on the construction sites by teaching them about all the safety precautions and measures to take to avoid hazards.
    Although having a labourer's card is not a legal requirement but most of the construction companies demand their employees to have the labourer's card after which they are permitted to work on a construction site. Important skills that are taught include:
    • Health and Safety Regulations
    • Risk Assessments and Safety Matters (RAMS)
    • How to report hazards
    • Individual roles in health and safety
    To get the CSCS labourer's card, individuals can embark on CITB: Health and Safety Awareness Course (HSA). This helps the labourers to learn about the dangers and risks of working on construction sites and helps them learn the safety measures to minimize the dangers of the work.
    After this one day course is complete, labourer's can move on to the CITB: Health, Safety and Environment test. This test can be done online by booking with CITB and must be passed before the labourers get their labourer's card.


    Where To Find Construction Jobs?

    You always have the option of the internet when you are looking for a job but many companies go straight to the recruitment agencies to save time. As the recruitment agencies have more access to the links and connections than you yourself applying for employment.
    The key advantage of looking for a recruitment agency is it consumes very less time. Most of the recruitment agencies have the shortlisted candidates in advance, once a company approach the agency they just need to match the information and provide you with a suitable candidate. This can save all the stress and time and that's the reason for going for an agency is a very reliable and fast way.
    A lot of companies would make a long term relationship with the agencies so they can always help them hire the new talented staff. As the agency is accessible and has strong ties so it is always more recommendable to seek employment through an agency.
    Not said enough about the high rising demand for skilled construction workers, so there are plenty of opportunities out there if you know where to look.  Finding an agency is an ideal especially top agencies of the UK like workers direct which are providing its services all across the UK.

    Importance Of Construction Agencies

    The biggest perk of getting a construction agency on board in the future progress of the company. The company not bearing the pressure of hiring new staff can actually focus on the growth of the company and let the recruitment agency find them the talented new staff. There are many reasons why the preference for the recruitment agency should be considered:  
    • professional guidance through the hiring process
    • expertise in selecting the right candidate
    • taking on the administrative responsibilities
    • mediations during negotiations
    Agencies conduct the whole process with the utmost efficient and professional ways speeding up the entire procedure benefiting the company and the candidate. Without the recruitment, an agency working as a catalyst the procedure would be many times slower and not efficient with many candidates waiting to be employed for a long time.

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