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    Are You Looking For Driving Jobs In Whyteleafe?

    Drivers perform a number of vital jobs across almost all sectors of the economy, making them an important part of everyday life. From public transport drivers to lorry drivers, everyone benefits greatly from the efforts of drivers. 

    When a company needs to hire a driver, it’s best to go through a driving agency rather than conducting the hiring process yourself. There are several reasons why this is the case, all of which are explored below.

    Benefits Of Using An Agency For Driving Jobs In Whyteleafe

    There are multiple reasons why, as a business or organisation leader, you should find a driving agency if you are trying to fill driving jobs. 

    • Knowledge of required qualifications
    • Professional recruitment process
    • Much faster from start to finish
    • Handling all administrative duties
    • Access to a large pool of talent
    • Wider advertising networks
    • Expert mediation services

    Handling the entire process of recruitment from start to finish requires extensive knowledge and expertise of recruiting, something that your regular business manager will not possess. With poor recruitment decisions, your company can suffer in the long-term as you bring in staff who aren’t the right fit for your needs.

    Where To Find A Reliable Driving Agency?

    Not all recruitment companies will be able to provide you with expert driving recruitment services. This is because a lot of agencies either specialise in certain sectors, or they don’t offer general recruiting services across all sectors. 

    Some agencies, such as Labourer Agency, have years of expertise as a driving agency, offering both permanent and temp drivers to companies across many industries. You can search for agencies online or enquire with business acquaintances for any recommendations. 

    How To Choose The Right Agency?

    Given how important top quality recruitment solutions are to the fortunes of your business, it’s vital that you conduct your search correctly. Some of the most important things to look out for in an agency include:

    • Expertise: If you want the best drivers working for you, ideally you want to work with an agency that has extensive expertise in the driving sector. Be sure to check whether or not your chosen agency offers specialist driving recruitment services. Industry-specific expertise can be the difference between a half-decent recruitment drive and a perfect one.
    • Track-record: A driving agency with a strong track record of offering top quality recruiting will stand out above the competition. A quick way to gauge how effective an agency has been in the past is to browse through reviews from previous clients. You can also ask around your network, as they may have used the agency themselves.
    • Guarantees: Not all agencies work the same, with some offering better guarantees than others. For example, Labourer Agency has a ‘no placement, no fee’ guarantee. What this effectively means is that your company won’t have to pay anything if you aren’t matched up with suitable drivers.
    • Speed of service: Dedicated driving recruitment services will not waste any time in getting to work on your needs. Urgency is important in recruitment, as many companies need new drivers as quickly as possible. If you’re left waiting around when dealing with an agency, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

    Work With Workers-Direct

    Workers-Direct is one of the most reputable recruiters in the country, offering expert recruitment solutions across many industries. Some of the finest qualities of Workers-Direct includes:

    • Temp and permanent: We can provide both temporary and permanent recruitment solutions for our clients. This flexibility allows you to make recruiting decisions that fit the needs of your company.
    • No placement, no fee: Our policy of ‘no placement, no fee’ means our clients only have to pay once we find suitable candidates. There’s also no joining fee whatsoever, so it is completely risk-free to do your recruiting with us.
    • Industry experts: We have considerable expertise across a variety of industries, including the driving sector. This enables us to make informed recruitment decisions that lead to better results for our clients.
    • Fantastic candidates: Top quality individuals from all backgrounds sign up with Labourer Agency due to our excellent reputation. Our extensive database of candidates are ready to work and can make a difference at your company.


    Job Description:

    Job Title: Driver
    Contract Type: Temporary
    Starting Date: ASAP
    Job Location: W1
    Salary Rate: £9 to 10

    Labourer Agency is delighted to offer the job role of an experienced driver in London City W1.

    • Map out driving routes ahead of time to determine the most expedient trip
    • Pick up clients from the place and at the time they’ve requested
    • Collect payments and issue receipts
    • Assist clients with loading and unloading their luggage
    • Listen to traffic and weather reports to stay up-to-date on road conditions
    • Adjust the route to avoid heavy traffic or road constructions, as needed
    • Answer clients’ questions about the area and local places of interest
    • Ensure the car seats are clean and comfortable for all riders
    • Schedule regular car service appointments and report any issues
    • Book car wash and detailing services to maintain interior and exterior cleanliness of the car
      • Proven experience as a Driver
      • A valid driver’s license
      • A clean driving record
      • Minimum visual acuity of 20/50 (or corrected to 20/50)
      • Familiarity with GPS devices
      • Knowledge of area roads and neighbourhoods
      • Ability to lift heavy packages and luggage
      • Availability to occasionally take weekend and night shifts
      • A polite and professional disposition
      • Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations (e.g. at rush hour)
      • A high school diploma
        If you are interested, please contact us ASAP and send us your CV.

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