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    Everything You Need To Know About Construction Plant Hire Recruitment Agency

    With over 2.5 million labourer jobs currently filled within the UK, the construction industry plays a huge part in the national economy. Labouring jobs are a fulfilling and prospective vocation to enter into, with plenty of opportunities to rise up the ranks.
    The industry has a high demand for construction labourer workers in the modern-day, so there are many excellent opportunities awaiting workers in the sector. If you’re currently searching for labourer jobs, read our guide below to learn how to find the best jobs in your area.

    Searching For Construction Plant Hire Recruitment Agency

    In previous decades, most labourers would visit their local construction firm and find work through them. In the modern-day, finding a job can be done in a variety of ways to make it that much easier for companies and workers.
    ·         Going online
    Like almost all other sectors, labourer jobs have migrated online to a significant degree. Although you can still find work the old-fashioned way, construction firms are increasingly migrating to the online sphere to advertise their work.
    Along with applying through popular job portals, you can explore professional social media options like LinkedIn to expand your options online. This will also give you a presence online and allow potential employers and recruiters to find you.
    ·         Going through an agency
    When it comes to construction labourer jobs, going directly through a labourer agency is usually the best way forward. Many construction firms work with agencies as they are a more reliable way of sourcing new workers. You’ll find a lot of opportunities through an agency that simply can’t be found elsewhere.
    With an agency, you can benefit from perks such as:

    ·         A wide network of clients
    ·         The speedy process from start to finish
    ·         Professional support throughout
    ·         Paperwork all done on your behalf
    ·         Experts searching for jobs for you
    Going through an agency when looking for labourer jobs allow you to focus on preparing for your new role and takes away from the stress and difficulty of trawling through hundreds of jobs on your own.
    ·         Contact local companies
    If there are any local construction firms in your area that you have heard about, it can be worthwhile to get in touch with them directly. However, some companies won’t appreciate a full job application out of the blue, so you should first start with a brief general enquiry before waiting for a response. Avoid sending over your CV and application without permission, as many construction companies won’t be hiring or have an agency that handles all of it for them. 

    Tips On Finding A Top-Quality Construction Plant Hire Recruitment Agency

    As there may be a few labourer agency recruiters working in your local town or city, you’ll need to choose which agency to go with. This isn’t always an easy decision if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

    ·         Specialism in your niche: If you’re looking for labourer jobs, it’s very important to find an agency that actually has experience finding work in this sector. Agencies that have worked in construction before will have important industry contacts, making them far more effective at finding you work.
    ·         Responsiveness: A top quality construction labourer agency will be very responsive and communicative. This means responding quickly to enquiries, offering helpful support and keeping you in the loop. This shows that the agency truly cares about your career and is doing everything in its power to find suitable jobs for you.
    ·         Reputation: A prestigious recruiting agency like Workers-Direct will possess an excellent reputation to set them apart from the competition. With a series of glowing reviews and positive word-of-mouth, you can quickly determine which agencies consistently perform well for their clients.
    ·         Search online: A lot of the time, the most capable agencies are to be found online. Labourer Agency has a nationwide presence and can be reached through their website. Searching online allows you to broaden your options, as you aren’t limited to going through agencies in your area.
    Finding the best possible construction labourer agency is integral to your employment chances. The best agencies will work tirelessly to find work for you and will be much more successful at putting your name forward to companies in the industry.

    Working As A Construction Labourer In The UK

    The job of construction labourer is a huge part of the UK economy. It is not an easy career path to go down, requiring workers to obtain top-level qualifications and undertake training in a variety of disciplines.
    If you’re interested in a career as a construction labourer, there are many things you’ll need to do before you can start applying for a job.

    Duties Of A Construction Labourer Do

    As a labourer, you’ll be carrying out the physical labour on construction sites. Depending on the nature of your project, this can entail all manner of tasks such as site preparation, digging, materials transporting and much more.

    How To Become A Labourer

    The first port of call to become a construction labourer is to obtain your Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) Labourer Card. This entails undertaking a course and training scheme to endow you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely and effectively on a construction site.
    Afterwards, you’ll also need to undergo a health and safety training course to ensure you understand all the hazards of the workplace. The CITB Health and Safety Awareness course are one of the most popular ones. 

    Further Qualifications

    After achieving your basic certificates, there are several options further down the line to explore. Pursuing a Level 2 NVQ is a rewarding path to go down, as you can further your skills in a variety of disciplines such as bricklaying or plastering.

    Get In Touch With Labourer Agency

    No matter what level of experience you are currently at, Labourer Agency will be able to help you find your ideal job and get your career started. We have extensive experience in the construction industry and offer many perks that you won’t find elsewhere. 

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